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Pen Spinning

The Butterfly
What was once thought to be a "bored student's pastime" is now a world wide craze, with over 1.7 million downloads for our first Pen Spinning video.

Simply put, Pen Spinning is the art of manipulating a pen to achieve pleasant effects (or tricks). It uses mostly your hands and fingers, in combination with regular or slightly modified pens, which makes it even more amazing. It can be considered a form of contact juggling, and it's definitely a very rewarding form of manipulation and hand sportz. If you have been in a classroom for years, you may have seen Pen Spinning in action, even though you (and possibly the person doing the trick) may not be aware that it is an art form. But what could one possibly do with a simple object such as a pen? Well, why don't you see it for yourself?

Over the years, Pen Spinning has grown tremendously thanks to the World Wide Web. With the help of some crucial sites, like Hideaki Kondoh's Pen Spinning site, Pentrix, and PenstudioZ (just to mention a few), Pen Spinning has become a lot more than just "making your pen spin around your thumb." It has gathered a sizeable community of pen spinners all over the world, who constantly exchange ideas, help each other with difficulties, and improve the quality of Pen Spinning overall.

We have come way beyond simple pen tricks. From combos (combining many tricks into one smooth move), to freestyle, fingerless tricks, balancing tricks, air combos, two handed pen spinning, and dual pen spinning, pen spinning has advanced enormously.

There are also many areas of Pen Spinning besides doing tricks, such as Pen Modding (the modification of regular pens to make them more suitable for spinning), studies of the hand and its proper care, presentational theory, and many more.

If you would like to learn more about Pen Spinning, please visit the links on the Quick Links box above to get you started.

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